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  • Do You send SIM cards?
  • No, we provide number's account information via email only.
  • Can I port my new number to my provider?
  • Yes, you can but it is very important to check it with your carrier first.
  • How can I pay?
  • We accept the following payment options: Credit/Debit Cards, ACH, Wire Transfer, Bank Deposit, PayPall, Zelle, Amazone Pay.
  •  Can you port/transfer my new phone number to my provider for me?
  • No, due to the carrier’s policies you must to port/transfer your new phone number by yourself.
  •  Can I use the phone number right away?
  • Sure, we provide a complementary (temporary) call forwarding for 30 days while your new number is in the porting/transferring process. So, you can start receiving calls right away.
  •  How long does the port/transfer process take?
  • Usually port/transfer process takes 3-5 business days but in some cases it may take longer (up to 30 days).
  •  Can I reserve the number I liked if I need to verify the port eligibility with my provider?
  • Yes, we are pleased to hold the number for you for up to 48 hours.
  •  Can I return the number I got from you?
  • No, due to the nature of our business and high fraud activity, after the number is activated and the information is generated and sent, no refunds are provided.
  •  Can i transfer my new number to Google Fi / Google voice?
  • Yes, but NOT directly. You have to port it to any wireless carrier first, and then to the Google.